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Thursday, September 06, 2007


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Lori Magno

OMG. Everyday I am just sicker and sicker over the madness. How dare they sell my data.


I ordered it online, easily, from their site in Sept 09 and got the report in the mail about 3 weeks later; report was accurate; a little hard to read. No problem.

Dr. Tim Price

Whether you provide it or not (at account creation time) ChoiceTrust already has every bit of personal info they are asking you for. They already have your name and address, your SS#, your driver license #, etc., in their DataBase. If their customer, an insurance company, wants to get a report on you (in order to sell you insurance) they require you to tell them your SS# or DL#, etc.. In fact, that's how they retrieve your personal data from the ChoiceTrust DataBase. Don't want to tell the Insurance agent (Bank agent, Doctor's office agent, etc.) your DL# or SS# ? OK, that's fine, just get out of their office because they won't sell you insurance, open a checking account, be your medical provider, etc. That's just the way it is in the Land of the Free.

Credit Repair Services

The site forces you to enter a lot of personal information during the account creation steps.its so hard..


Credit Repair Services:

Please say more. What data items did you enter that caused you to say it was "a lot"? What part of the process caused you to say "its so hard"? Many readers have not viewed their C.L.U.E. and would benefit from more detail.


Nancy Agent

I am an insurance agent and would like to comment. First, the reason Choicepoint does not give one comprehensive report including both auto and home losses is because privacy laws dictate that potential insurers only receive info on a need to know basis and when doing an auto quote they don't need to know what property losses you have had and vice versa. Second, there is a plethera of evidence which supports the idea that past records, be it claims, driving history, or how you handle your finances, are the best indication of the type of insured an applicant will be. Thus, the insurance companies have been allowed to use this information to determine insurance rates. Thirdly, I would like to say most agents, but I can't make that claim, but I, as an agent, know the reports can sometimes pull info on a property you no longer own, or a family member who never lived in your household and I disregard those claims. Fourthly, Choice Point does not sell personal info to mass marketers, they specifically compile claims related info for use in determining property and casualty ins rates and what other way is there to keep track of such a huge database than by Social Security number? If we tried to run a report on name alone we could end up eith hundreds of matches. And lastly, despite all the paranoia, insurance agents don't run background checks or ask for your race, etc. Anyone apply for a job lately? Potential employers do that and more. We may not like it, but we live in a society where not everyone is honest and forthcoming about situations that may hinder their getting what they want, whether it's insurance or a loan, like it or not, financial institutions have a right to know what kind of person they're doing business with as much as consumers do.

Hope this helps.


Home insurance policy may not cover all things, so there are some equipments which should be excluded since it only rise the premium. Have you detected on them?
Furthermore, in getting low-priced rate, make sure that all important things have been included. The good policy provides the right level of coverage, no matter how inexpensive a policy is. It is essential to know that you get coverage that you need...

concern person

Bottom line is we are all getting ripped off by the insurance industry and nobody does anything about it. Our state and federal officials are in there pockets. God help us!!!!!


is there anywhere to find a listing of auto insurance companies that do or do not subscribe to CLUE? I'd like to find one that does not.

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