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Debix, LifeLock, and TrustedID

A recent issue of the New York Times discussed three new companies which offer consumers identity protection solutions:

"This week, a young company called Debix, which places automated calls to its customers every time someone opens credit in their name, will announce that it has raised a round of financing from private investors..."

Investors in Debix include Gideon Yu, the former chief financial officer of YouTube and the current chief financial officer of Facebook, and Launny Steffens, a former vice chairman of Merrill Lynch.

"A raft of new companies like Debix, LifeLock, and TrustedID say they can make it easier for consumers to protect themselves — for a monthly fee of about $10."

Time will tell if theses companies can deliver the promised value to consumers. In my opinion, the value for consumers is based on a complete solution covering several services:


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Well these companies can't do all you recommend but they do quite a bit for as cheap as $99 a year. The best benefits they all have are fraud alerts, identity theft insurance, and removal from pre-approved credit card offerings. Depending who you sign up with there are many other benefits including reduction in junk mail, credit freezes, credit monitoring, removal from telemarketing lists and ID replacement services. They are sure to expand their offerings as competition heats up. You can review LifeLock, LoudSiren, and Trusted ID at


Nice post. I really liked it.. Don't forget to update it regularly. I am looking for new updates dying to read more stuff from you.


Scam. Got charged for it but never signed up.

tom tang

This world driving by big company. Privately is meaningless, you have to paid this and that to stop tele-marketing, id thief. Why just all are prohibit by default, if you want my data, have me approve it.

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