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Monday, January 07, 2008


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LifeLock Jeff

Great chart describing the diference between the two types of protection.


80 percent of identity fraud today is what’s called synthetic ID fraud or ID cloning. What the ID thieves do is steal only your SSN and through a variety of nefarious, but quite clever methods, create a brand new person. The problem for you is that the fraud usually won’t show up on credit reports because the only identifier that matches you is the SSN.
And what if the fraud is not financial in nature?

It won’t show up at all…comforting, huh?


What steps should I take when I suspect someone has stolen my identity? Some things to consider doing immediately are to perform a fraud alert and freeze my credit files...



Scoremore raised a good question. There is no single correct answer.

What to do after your identity information has been stolen ***depends*** upon the type(s) of sensitive personal information stolen. If only your credit cards were stolen, you must notify your bank(s) within 30 days. It is likely your bank will issue replacement accounts and you will have to update any auto payments from that account.

If you bank account numbers and sign-in credentials were stolen, obviously you will want your bank to close that account and open a new account. If money has already been withdrawn fraudulently from your bank accounts, then it is identity fraud and other steps must be taken, such as filing a police report.

If your Social Security number (or equivalent tax ID number) was stolen, then a fraud alert on your credit files is wise. If criminals have already taken out fraudulent loans in your name, that is identity fraud and a Security Freeze is appropriate to stop the criminals from taking out more fraudulent loans.

If your medical plan information has been stolen, then different steps must be taken because a Fraud Alert or Security Freeze on your credit files won't stop this. If somebody has already gained health care in your name, that is medical fraud and your medical records are probably compromised. Different steps must be taken to clean up your medical records.

If you identity information was stolen and then used during a crime, then a different set of steps are necessary since the police will come looking for you. You may have to provide fingerprints to prove your innocence.

If your passport information has been stolen, check with the issuing government agency about what specific steps you must do. If this happens while traveling abroad, you probably should visit the embassy for your country.


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