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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


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I was glad to read that Experion is tasting a bit of its own medicine. The consumer has been playing at such a disadvantage for so long — and still is.

For example, I was amazed to learn that, while the three credit bureaus owe you a free credit report once a year, you must PAY to learn your all-important credit score. Meanwhile businesses, banks and lenders of all kinds have access to this number. And make lending decisions based on it. No wonder there's such a consumer credit crisis going on! We are kept in deliberate ignorance of the basic tools that determine our financial lives — unless we know enough to ask the right questions, and feel like paying for them.

The unsophisticated consumer doesn't stand a chance against these guys.


Experian Credit report should be free every time is needed, they don`t even have they workers inside the US, this company is outside the US paying bad salaries and getting millions...



Are your comments your opinions or facts? If faacts, please provide a link to the website(s) with your sources. What source stated that Experian doesn't have any workers in the US? That doesn't seem right. What source documents your claim about bad salaries?


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