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Thursday, June 26, 2008


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Lifelock Identity theft protection

It is very useful post to read, however, it is fact that what ever you do, bring innovation in these financial statements (paperless or virtual) etc, still there is a chance that your information might be stolen, because there are smart asses in identity thieves. So I think we should prepare ourselves, and protect some how; like lifelock. If you want to read more about the identity theft in North America, please visit. http://www.identitytheftprotectionlock.com/. I thought to share it with you.


It was only a matter of time before a Lifelock representative posted a comment on this blog. Lifelock ads are everywhere: print, TV, the Internet, and radio. While I welcome comments from Lifelock and other identity-theft companies, comments by companies on this blog do NOT indicate an endorsement by this blog. The I've Been Mugged blog is an independent and unbiased source of information about identity theft products, services, events, and issues. To understand my opinions about specific products or services, read the blog posts I have written.

This blog has several posts about Lifelock and other credit monitoring services. You can find links to these posts on the Product & Service Reviews page, or in the tag cloud in the right column. I strongly encourage consumers to read this post, which includes the review of Lifelock by the Consumer Reports publication:

During the coming weeks, I will publish more reviews of products and services. When looking for credit monitoring and credit resolution services, it is important for consumers to be informed shoppers. Shop around and shop wisely.

George Jenkins

Lifelock Identity theft protection

Thanks George, sure will visit your blog.

I read this report seems very usefull and positive. Great stuff, thanks for the information.

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