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Monday, August 18, 2008


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John Taylor

I'm looking forward to the book George. Every step we take in the personal data integrity vs. data convenience struggle is increasingly critical. Folks need to know and fully understand the trade-offs that always come with convenience. While I am fully on board with technology and the advantages of quick information accesses, I see that for as long as the data has value there is an increasing risk of misuse. Thank you for staying on point and keeping us aware of these developmants.


Great article George. Here are some issues for you and your readers.

In review of the congressional responses,which indirectly involved a "select group",I don't understand the following:

1)Which entity anonymized the ip address, the isp or the "select group"?

2) why discuss "non-cookie opt out" vs opt out, when we should be discussing opt in?

3) What is the extent of privacy issues when we are dealing with wireless ISP's

4) If the isp of the user is not associated with the "select group of interest", what occurs when the user's search query reaches a website that is associated with the 'select group of interest" as it relates to advertisements and tracking?

Thanks for your opinions and comments;

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