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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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mac insleads

Robo calls never produced any type of good ROI for advertizers. Glad to see that it is being abandoned.


But the calls keep coming! The FTC is just an ineffective government agency. No wondder we've never found bin Laden! We can't even stop robo calls!

How can we have these calls automatically forwarded to the White House? I'll bet they stop then.



Thanks for the comment. In my opinion and based on my research so far about ID theft, it isn't that the FTC is ineffectual. Rather, the FTC pursues policies and guidelines (e.g., self-regulation by companies about targeted advertising, opt-out settings) that are tilted FAR towards the needs of companies, with lip service paid to the needs of consumers. Just search this blog on "FTC" or "behavioral advertising."

Maybe that will change during the next 4 years, and we'll see a better balance of serving both groups' needs. The Constitution reads, "We the people..." and not "We the corporations..."


electronic signatures

I dont think that Robot calls will disapear so fast..
its been three years since this article was written and I still get a call at least once every few weeks..

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