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Thursday, March 12, 2009


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Defend My Identity

Great point! Social networking sites encourage you to list your birthday information, and it is convenient to do so because you can keep up with all your friends' birthdays, but it really reveals too much to thieves. If people do want to have a public or semi-public Facebook profile but also want their actual friends to see their birthday, they can edit their "Basic Info" privacy settings to control who sees that information.

A writer

One little tricky thing that Facebook just started -- a separate privacy setting for your birthday. I know someone who had it set as private but when Facebook changed their privacy options it went public to everybody and now you have to go in and set it to private separately, the options are different from what they were before.


i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.


great. definetely i'm going to read your other posts...thank you.


I don't trust any social networking sites to expose my real birthday

Centro Metro

Nice visiting your site again. This is my first time to comment on your article after how many days. HAHAHA
I have bookmarked your site and really love to read your ideas and learned from it. Keep posting!

 sreejith p vetathoor

Hide my dob

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