Class Action Lawsuits Claim Companies' Purchases Of Drivers' Data Violated Law
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Class Action Lawsuits Claim Companies' Purchases Of Drivers' Data Violated Law (Part 2)

I promised in yesterday's post to provide updates as I discovered more lawsuits where companies allegedly violated the DPPA. A search discovered a similar lawsuit in Arkansas. The Southeast Texas Record reported:

"... each driver in Arkansas may receive $2,500 from companies that may have obtained their personal information illegally through the Arkansas Department of Licensing. The class action alleges that several companies violated the Driver Privacy Protection Act by obtaining personal information contained in motor vehicle records maintained by the state. On behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated, seven plaintiffs filed a class action against Arkansas Automobile Dealers' Association, TRW Target Marketing and The Recall Center..."

Similar to the lawsuit in Oregon, the Arkansas class-action alleges:

"... the state of Arkansas does not obtain express consent from any driver to release personal information but will only sell the personal information from a motor vehicle record to people or organizations that claim that they have a "lawful purpose for the information (other than direct or mass marketing)." Once an entity certifies that it has a lawful purpose for some personal information and/or has obtained any necessary consent, the motor vehicle department provides that entity with a copy of the state's entire database of names, addresses and other personal information... The lawsuit claims that class members did not expressly consent to the release of their private information and that the defendants obtained their personal information unlawfully, violating a legally protected right."

The plaintiffs are represented by several Texarkana-based attorneys and a name I recognize: Joseph H. Mallery of the Law Offices of Joseph H. Mallery -- a Privacy Crusader. Thanks to all of the attorneys for protecting consumers' interests.


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