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Thursday, April 22, 2010


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Lori Magno

Well checking out my profile was worth a good chuckle. George, you will be surprised to know that I am Asian. (My husband will be surprised as well.)

Aggregate away mothertruckers, there is a special place in Hell.


Thanks for sharing. At least Facebook and Spokeo tell us consumers what they are doing. Lots of other companies don't.

And, this situation highlights why I tell everyone NOT to publish their birth date on social networking sites. That data makes it easy for data aggregators and data-mining companies to match records when people share the same name.

Then, they'll know for sure that you are not Asian.


R. Michelle Green

I suspect this is only the beginning. As the norm for privacy shifts and evolves, at some point will we just know everything about everybody? How will two people falling in love ever retain any mystery or joy in discovery? Eh, too romantic for my own good.... Thanks for your comment Lori...


I can't wait to see the faces of the people I hear say, "there's nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide" when someone uses their information, particularly when the information is incorrect. Imagine "McCarthy" having this kind of tool.


Yes! People have made public comments only later to have been embarrassed by identity theft and fraud. Read this blog post about two examples:

Twice Bitten: Acts of Stupidity Can Lead to Identity Theft


R. Michelle Green

My thoughts exactly Jeff, and thanks for your comment -- though if you grow up with these tools, will you behave differently from the onset? Maybe it's the people in the transition state that have the most reason to be anxious... article from the 5/15/09 Chronicle of Higher Ed: "Alumni Try to Rewrite History on College-Newspaper Web Sites" adults concerned that actions taken when their freak flag was still flying are now indexed by Google.... http://chronicle.com Section: Information Technology Volume 55, Issue 36, Page A1

background checks

Even if you have your information removed from these personal data aggregators, there is no guarantee that it will not find its way back on the site with later database updates that pull from social networks and public records sites.

R. Michelle Green

quite right, 'background checks' -- and the cached sites visible in search engines like Google also increases the half life of some stuff one thinks is gone. And if you're really determined, you can always try the Wayback Machine -- the best presumption is that nothing put on the net is ever really deleted...


On top of this website being an invasion of privacy, if you indeed sign up for it you opt into a SCAM! I signed up for spokeo to see what all information was given, and cancelled my subscription the very same day. For the next year a company called IDprotect charged me $14.95 a month (under various different names). When I finally realized it I went through hell reporting the credit card fraud, only for them (capital one) to put the charges right back on my card. They contacted IDprotect, who told them that when I signed up for Spokeo and agreed its terms of use I had also agreed for IDprotect to charge me this monthly amount (WHICH WAS NOT STATED IN THE TERMS OF USE!). STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE!

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