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Thursday, May 13, 2010


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And, there will be life after Facebook:

Four Nerds and a Cry to Arms Against Facebook

I'd be happy to switch once the service from these students is available.


Charles Jeter

Thanks Michelle,

Four days before Christmas 2009 a close friend of mine was murdered in Dallas at the young age of 25. Her Facebook page and profile were not only used in the initial news report, they were also linked within TV media sources and many others.

While this is not completely a cautionary tale, everyone should be aware that upon a tragic end like this, every phrase on your Facebook profile is 'fair game'.

The good side is that while all of her friends and family still grieve, a cathartic method of coping has been to post on her Facebook page, where all of us affected can sympathize and remember her.


R. Michelle Green

Wow -- never occurred to me (duh) that the press would link to the page. Yet another thing to consider! Thanks Charles for your insight, and my condolences on your loss...


i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

R. Michelle Green

thank you, Devremülk, for coming to the site ad reading them! I'm very pleased that George likes them too -- I like working with him on these issues.


R. Michelle Green

George, are you still looking for a FB alternative? Diaspora is in private alpha...



Yes, still looking for a FB replacement. Alpha version is too buggy for my tastes. Thanks.


Alfons Boltjes

Dear all,

This problem has a solution. There is a new community on which you can keep and leave all this just the way you want it. Safe and only for yourself to decide how to use the information on it, it stays yours! You can also keep it available for others for ever!

Check it out on www.yourafterlife.com.

cu around!

R. Michelle Green

Alfons -- thank you for sharing this with us. I see that Amazon is even selling a book that addresses social media options after death. I suppose this is just another area where technology applications plunge ahead of social conventions, mores and laws....

R. Michelle Green

Alfons Boltjes

To George and Charles:

Have a look at www.yourafterlife.com, you can use it and they now even have a special offer: https://www.yourafterlife.com/what-is-yourafterlife/news/read/25344/free-christmas-gift-from-yourafterlife

A Free Eternal Membership!

Warm Regards,


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