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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


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Rick Cabral

Very interesting article. As an "in the industry" guy, I can add that the signal-to-noise ratio is about to get worse. Even SMB-sized Content Management Systems are now shipping with their own internal behavior analysis and content targeting tools. This means that virtually any site (not just some fortune 1000 company) has the capacity to perform the monitoring described above. The SMB market is also a market that is likely to either intentionally or unintentionally violate laws regarding internet privacy either through lack of knowledge or the fact that they're simply too small to track down.

Joan Selon

Thanks for pointing me to MAXA Cookie Manager http://www.maxa-tools.com/cookie.php - found it to be a very effective software to manage all types of cookies.

joe malley


The PRIVACY CRUSADER is not happy!

Charles Jeter

George, thanks for diving deeply into an issue I was only beginning to research. The EFF has an article about browser based identification which is very complementary to your detailed post in that it goes further to the side of reporting their survey results.

@ Rick C - thanks for the update about the market and analysis on where this is heading concerning the SMB market.


Charles, Joan, and Rick:

Thanks for your comments. This is the first of several articles about Flash cookies. I expect this topic to heat up during the summer and fall as consumer awareness increases. Pass the word!

Joe: thanks for the link to the Superman video, which was excellent. We sure could use a Superman in the Gulf to fix the oil leak.


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