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Monday, September 27, 2010


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Charles Jeter

George, it's even grimmer than you may think. The most typical type of skimmer we (and that includes certain law enforcement organizations) have seen here in San Diego are sophisticated and built to operate on the inside of the box, completely transparent.

These skimmers often are installed inside gas pumps. Why? Just the sheer volume of daily transactions means that the thief gets more than any other venue: we all have to buy gas.

The tips offered to me by the CATCH Team, Secret Service and San Diego Police Department to minimize your risk are:
1) Don't use a pump outside the view of the attendant.
2) Don't use a debit card. Ever.
3) Don't use the pumps closes to the road.
4) Consider going inside to pay with your card.

Here's a list of tips I published back in June:

The pumps closest to the road are because the thieves now just drive by and download by Bluetooth wireless data. They don't have to expose themselves to capture.

Also - read your article which preceded mine by months! As always, you're on top of it!!!



As always, it is great to hear from you. Readers may not know, but Charles writes a great blog that is worth a read:


Have a good day!



great lens and tips about Video How toUse an ATM Skimming Device, and the Video Shows How Thieves Install and made his worst...will credit this.

Security Tape

Thanks so much, this kind of information is so useful for us members of the public who know there are issues surrounding this but don't know how to best protect ourselves. When advising my daughters to be "careful" I never had anything concrete to say as I was unsure about the actual technique these guys use. So thanks, I now have a useful piece of advice to pass on!

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