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Friday, November 12, 2010


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mobile shredding services

Sounds like the next step in potential identity theft - you can never be too careful!

Bill G

Terrific post.
The one thing I'm left wondering is how the installation of the database is triggered. Is it just by my visiting the site? Or is some other activity involved that involves me saying OK to something that then does the devious install?



Glad that you liked the post. You asked a good question. My understanding, is that the zombie databases are updated continually and automatically on each mobile device as consumers use their mobile devices. That update process is similar to how the web browser cookies file on your laptop/desktop is updated continually as you surf the web.

Remember, that your web browser stores several different tracking files called LSOs, Local Shared Objects. Cookies, DOM files, and Flash cookies are some of the LSO file types. DOM files get pretty big, too, in terms of bytes files size. I use the MAXA Research software to find, view, and delete all of these LSOs. It is impossible otherwise.

As the class-action proceeds, I am sure that more details will be revealed. Then again, a knowledgeable person may also comment further below about the mobile tracking zombie databases.




This blog post has more detailed information about how the tracking was performed:



Peter Woodfellow

Thanks for all this great information, i was worried exactly how they were tracking people, is it not possible to do a similar thing with older phones using three masts to triangulate the mobiles position?

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