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Thursday, February 24, 2011


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background check

many companies now doing background check during their hiring decisions. that's why only potential employees who has no any criminal records will pass and will be a new employee. employers should be focus on what and who are they doing background check to prevent errors on their check, because there are some people who has a same name that has a criminal records that's why some innocent employee will not pass because of some errors.


I am having this happen to me right now. A background check company (that required me to provide both my drivers license number and social security number) didn't use either and matched a felony to me that happened to belong to someone with my same name. I had to spend my own money to acquire the proof needed to prove my innocence, and now have to wait up to 30 days for them to realize they made an error. I submitted 4 different background checks, my MVR, housing leases showing I didn't live where that other person lived, and numerous other papers, and it's still going to take them that long. This isn't right, it's defamation of character. I've never committed a crime in my life! Goes to show good people get screwed.

Francisco Maldonado

I just had a company tell me I have crimes I didnt even do. I am getting docs from the courts to prove it but this was supposedly based off my fingerprints. First off the machine didn't work right but the lady said not too worry and second it is much harder than you think to get proof from the courts that you have no record. Its not like when you do and want details, they simply don't know what to print out for a blank file and name. Its a nightmare.

Bill Davis

Did any of you get this cleared up? I have a very common name and there are two people with identical first and last name and DOB to me. One with a felony record in Indiana. My apartment complex ran a check but were nice enough to notice that it seemed out of place and the checking agency did some verification and cleared me. Now I ran my own and found it and another one from another state (neither state have I lived in). I have not had any real adverse affect yet but I want to clean it up before it does. If any of you who mentioned this are willing, I would like to talk to you and form a strategy.

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