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Monday, April 04, 2011


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Cocoon is an awesome security/privacy product and I have seen it come a long way since last year. BTW, I was one of their beta testers. I actually wanted to know who the developers were behind the product and when I found out that Brian was involved (original author of the BASH shell)- I was more than willing to check it out.

I have been involved in malware research at social networking sites (mainly Twitter & Facebook)and find Cocoon (my nick for it is "GetCocoon")to be one of the tools I use to see if Malware will indeed infect a hard drive or if my experience will remain malware-free. I have not been disappointed. I also see it as having strong ability to protect against "malvertising."

I can't wait for the smart phone versions to arrive. I strongly believe that smart phones will be targeted this year at a level that we might not be prepared for.

Great company and great mission. Great interview George.


HughesNet Internet

Can I use Cocoon with satellite internet? I have HughesNet as a provider and they say thet their satellite service is already encrypted, cause it's used by military services and has a military encryption. Is it true? An Do I still need Cocoon in this case?

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Great article! Would love to read more like it!

Anonymous Web Browsing

Nice article

However i have a completely free solution for anonymity

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Anonymous Web browsing



django developer

that this form of communication be less private and secure than its previous forms?

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