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Friday, April 22, 2011


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Legal experts are quick to point out that the mere collection of this data isn't illegal. Sure, other GPS-enabled devices may collect this type of information as well. When a consumer syncs his or her iPhone or iPad to a personal computer, the hidden file carrying the location logs tranfers to the PC.


I disagree enormously that companies are able to collect personal data on a person. It should be down to the individual whether or not they want someone to have their information, not up to a company to pass the information on.



I agree. The problem is, we consumers still buy products and register at websites with these lopsided privacy policies. (And, the FTC seems happy to let this continue as long as advertisers self-govern themselves.) Companies will continue with this until we stop buying their products and stop registering at their websites. Do you see another solution?


Berlin Society

Hi i have just been reading through your blog, I had my identity taken a few years ago, and it has been a legal minefield, it seems that I am having to prove my identity and the person who has done this has gotten away with it. I feel that there should be harsher sentences and stricter legislation when it comes to all companies, not just the online ones to prevent this from happening.


I do believe that the internet has a lot of answer for when it comes to identity theft. You fill in one form and the rest of the world seems to have access to it. It is a nightmare, the problem is remembering to tick that little box which comes up at the end of every page you submit, it is usually close to the terms and conditions box, if you don't tick it then you usually get all the mail, post and phone calls. Never leave your home number!


You have to be really careful on the internet, both when paying for anything and filling in information, it should always be over a secure network, not only that but you should also have a good security system so hackers can't get into your personal information.

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