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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


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DPS Payroll Services in Bristol just released a new website http://www.dpspayroll.co.uk and they provide payroll services to individuals, business and charities in West of England and all the profits will go back into a charity.

Jeremy Smith

You are incorrect - Money Neetwork actually enforces that employters can not offer ONLY this product, if they have banked employees who are happy with their current direct deposit setup, an employer can't force them to change



Thanks for the feedback. Please provide a website link or document to support your statement. And, what is your affiliation or relationship with Money Network? Thanks.



Payroll laws in majority of states require that any service such as Money Network be offered in conjunction with direct deposit. As Jeremy indicated, this service cannot in any case be mandated as the only option for dispersement of payroll funds.

Adam Miller

A great step has been taken by the authority. The new restructure of the bank is beneficial and helpful for us. Thank you so much for your nice steep take by organization.


The down fall is I can not seem to view my pay stub for hours nor deductions. I don't like it. my check seem short



Thanks for sharing your comment. For a variety of reasons, it is critical for consumers to keep a historical record of all of your pay stubs; especially the ones at the end of the year. Does the application allow you to do this? Do you have to download and print stubs weekly? Are your pay details accurate and comprehensive?



The new restructure of the bank is beneficial and helpful for us. A great step has been taken by the authority.
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