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Monday, July 15, 2013


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A worthy, important item to read:

The Crux Of The NSA Story in One Phrase: "Collect It All"


Chanson de Roland

Dear Mr. Jenkins: This is an excellent piece. But let me just add one more thing which shows that the NSA is dubious in its stated reasons for adding code to Android. Android is a selectively open operating system. Among the openness that Google permits is that it allows others to see and review Android's code. So the NSA could have learned all that it wanted about security in Android by simply reviewing and experimenting with its code without inserting any code into Android.

And a word about Android being open. It isn't open, for Google has arranged by contract and IP rights a set of restrictions on the use and distribution of Android that can only be breached by firms with the resources to fork Android, as Amazon has done, and then develop and enhance that forked version of Android. Otherwise, those who don't comply with Google's terms for Android may not, inter alia, use Google and/or Android's trademarks, receive updated version of Android, have access to Google's Google Play app store, etc.

See http://www.visionmobile.com/blog/2010/04/is-android-evil/.

Chanson de Roland

The Marine Corps. informal motto is: Kill'em all, and let God sort'em out. The NSA has rephrased that motto to read: Collect it all, and let the Director of the CIA, one Gen. Keith B. Alexander, sort it out, according to his discretion. While that motto may well be appropriate when directed outside the U.S., it is wholly inappropriate when directed against U.S. citizens who are in the U.S., as it is repugnant to the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and to democratic government.


And... here comes the first wave of the backlash from our allies:

Pro-privacy groups in Germany to protest US surveillance

The anti-PRISM protest is scheduled for Saturday, July 27.



this is a very scary development indeed, considering that i have just bought a samsung ... hmmm i have read some fo the articles that have been posted here. - not very good bed time reading

Sebastian Beaton

It saddens me when I read stories like this, Google needs to review what is it doing and not allow this sort of thing to happen , there is very little trust now over these matters -

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