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A few weekends ago, a friend posted this message on a social networking website:

"So, at 8:30 this morning, I'm sound asleep, I get a phone call from 214-814-5094, and it's this guy with a *heavy* accent tells me he's calling from the State Attorneys office and there are "three judgments" against me. I responded with something rude, it's 8:30, I was asleep, its Saturday, he says, "Please don't use that language with me, ma'am!" and I said, "You woke me up, get used to it!" And he asked for my attorney's name and I asked, "What state? What attorney? I doubt the State Attorney is calling me on a holiday weekend, and seriously doubt he's using a call center in India!" Then I went and Googled the number - and there are PAGES of complaints about the number!"

My friend was wise and rightly suspicious of this caller. My advice:

  • Hang up on callers like this. Don't engage them.
  • Don't disclose any personal information, even if it seems like the caller knows data about you.
  • Assuming your phone number is on the Do Not Call list, file a complaint with both your phone company and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). My friend filed a complaint.
  • If your phone number is not on the Do Not Call list, consider adding it.


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