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Monday, December 16, 2013


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Chanson de Roland

I am a lawyer, who, after reading Facebook's Privacy Policy, decided to never use Facebook, except perhaps for business. The reason for rejecting Facebook was that Facebook's Privacy Policy was utterly appalling with respect privacy. Indeed, Facebook’s Privacy Policy is more aptly called a Facebook’s Right to Disclose Policy. At least for adults, Facebook retained for itself the right to collect any interaction that you have with its services for it to use for almost any commercially valuable purpose, notwithstanding its promise to make one's personal information that it shares with others anonymous.

And several studies have shown that promise to be worthless in practice. And, of course, Slate now reveals and Mr. Jenkins reports that even that promise of anonymity is a lie or at least misleading, because Facebook must identify and link particular users to their respective published and unpublished post and comments to be able to use those post and comments, as it does, to know its particular users. So Facebook, even in promising to anonymize one's personal data misleads: It really doesn't promise to anonymize your data when it, Facebook, is the one analyzing your data, and even its promise to anonymize your data, which it provides to third parties, has been shown to be largely ineffective in practice.

So Facebook's use of its users' private information for its gain seems to be without any practical restraint. For the foregoing reasons and other of what I found to be outrageous breaches of privacy and the resulting exposures to unwanted marketing, my personal information being known and used by others without my consent, exposure to legal jeopardy, and/or risk of injury to my professional and/or personal reputation, I have hitherto refused to subscribe to Facebook and expect that I always will refuse to subscribe to Facebook.

P.S. If you must post to Facebook and don’t want Facebook to get your unedited comments and/or post, simply compose your comments and posts on your word processing app and then post only your final edits of your posts and comments to Facebook.

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