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Thursday, November 20, 2014


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The temptation to God-like power of God View's ability to ubiquitously track and locate Uber's customers is too much for humans to resist. However, the first steps on that road of temptation and seduction has already occurred, as firms, such as Google, Facebook, et al., have already invaded our privacy by expropriating our personal information for their profit, personal information which includes but goes well beyond our mere location in real time. Indeed, Google, Uber, Facebook, and their ilk all have a God-View of us. And because of the huge amounts of profits and the political influence which taking our personal information can purchase, those firms have bent our governments in their executive, legislative, and judicial branches to their will, so that no adequate legal restraint protects our personal information and/or restrains firms in the collection and use of it.

So Uber, Facebook, Google, and their ilk have come to think that they might be gods or at least have god-like powers, which, of course, they, in their view, use only for good and human progress, though that good and progress rather curiously always promotes and enhances their profits. Well, what's good for firms that use IT to collect our personal information for profit is good for America and for at least the interconnected world.

What should one think of all this, even though we are told that resistance is futile? I think that it is a wicked thing, for whenever has it come to naught but evil that men fancy themselves gods and take a God-View and do so with their principal motive being little else other than their profit and with no significant restrain of law on their how they use their God-View of us to make their profits and satisfy their desires? Who but one who already fancies himself a god would shamelessly name his ubiquitous spying app God View? And, if Google, Facebook, Uber, and their ilk are gods, what lowly dignity do we hold with respect to them? Silicon Valley? Hell, it is Mount Olympus.

George Jenkins


Well said. Well said.


George Jenkins


For those interested in taking action, two resources:

To Delete Or Not To Delete: That's The Uber Question

How To Cancel An Uber Account


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