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Thursday, April 02, 2015


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I had 3 young men from "Power Source" come to my door around 4 in the afternoon earlier this week. They had "Power Source" nametags to appear legit, but were basically dressed in sweats. They were about high school age I'm guessing. Only one did the talking. He made 2 statements that I could not understand, as he was speaking SO quickly. Finally, after the 3rd time he repeated himself, I was able to understand that he was saying that he could "fix my rates like he's done for all of my neighbors" if I just filled out a form. I told him I was "all set". He said "it's not about being all set, it's about fixing your rates", and I repeated that I was all set, and they turned around and left without another word.

A couple of weeks ago, I arrived home to find someone at my door looking in my front window. I don't recall what "energy" company he said he was working for, but asked for a copy of my most recent energy bill. Again, I sent him away.


Friday, April 3 at 1:15 pm: the telemarketing tsunami continues. I just receive another call. This caller identified himself as Max from NRG Home Solar: http://wwwNRGhomesolar.com . His pitch: if I qualified, he send a representative to visit and explain their offers.

Like other callers, I asked and he refused to disclose his phone number. His lame excuse: it was a computerized call, so he couldn't provide a phone number. He repeatedly asked how much I spent monthly on utilities. I told him I needed to first review his website and learn more about who I was talking with. then, I'd call him back. He hung up.

After the call, I visited the NRG Home Solar site, which lists a toll-free phone number. So, the experience makes one wonder if Max really was with NRG Home Solar. I doubt it.


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