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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


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Chanson de Roland

I suppose that these FTC guidelines for the Internet of Things, IoT, is the best that we can expect at the moment, given the power of the companies that oppose any restrictions on their ability to collect and use our personal information and the vast amounts of potential profits to be made from the IoT. Take, for example, Bill Gates' new company, which is focused on the hardware and software for the IoT and Google's acquisition of Nest, which is a pioneer in making the IoT devices. But, in pursuit of profit, firm and individuals will ignore these guidelines and will go to the limit of applicable law and beyond in exploiting the IoT to collect, trade, and otherwise use our personal information for their profits. And nothing short of well designed and strongly enforced laws will stop them.

Among those laws should be provisions that give every person rights and standing to sue at law and equity for relief and remedy for un-consented to collection and use of his personal information. Of course, a person's rights regarding his personal information should not stand solely on government granting him status to sue under statute or having a special status in the law but on the firmer and true foundation of being the owner of his personal information with all of the legal rights, constitutional, statutory, and at common law, which would arise from being the owner of his personal information. Until each of us is regarded as the owner of his personal information, the law's protection of our personal information and our rights in it and to it will remain unjustly incomplete and deficient.

Bill Garner

George, I thought you would find this of interest - LifeLock Is Facing An Existential Survival Threat (And The Prognosis Is Not Good) https://www.evernote.com/l/AAasGiyQk1ZHGqT3Ytj4QtHQoMsTSChuJ60

Bill Garner www.IDTShield.info

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