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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


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Chanson de Roland

It is not legal for the operator of a drone to film anyone without consent period. To find the limits on what the owner of a drone may do in recordring another and/or their property, one must look to a variety of laws, both civil and criminal, which will vary, depending on the jurisdiction. Criminal sanctions for using a drone to peep into a woman or any person's bedroom or other place where one reasonably and/or customarily has an expectation of privacy would be covered by anyone of several criminal laws, such as the Peeping-Tom, voyeurism, laws and/or criminal trespass. In civil law, there would be the tort of invasion of privacy. Where such voyeurism could reasonably constitute a threat, the laws on assault and/or stalking could, depending on the circumstances, apply. And I am sure that I could think of others.

So those operating drones don't have license to observe and/or record what they wish, nor do they have the right to infringe on another's privacy.

Diane Simpson

It makes no sense to me that a person is allowed to chop down a limb of a neighbor's tree that is hovering over their property but is not allowed to do the same thing with a drone.


Everyone: a reader alerted me to the fact that you can buy ammunition specifically designed for shooting down drones:


Chanson: thanks for the legal perspective about privacy. That's good to know. However, how is a victim to know whether the hovering drone is recording or not? How is a victim to document a camera-equipped drone hover-over incident in a way to protect himself/herself?


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