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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


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Chanson de Roland

The weakest link in IT security is often human beings. The vices, folly, laziness, and/or carelessness of a person will defeat even the most sophisticated and well implemented security system. So between the technical security flaws in our IT systems and the human failures, the likelihood that our IT systems, on which we all depend not merely for life's conveniences but also for its essentials, will be compromised and thus will fail us in critical ways is quite likely.


I agree. One consequence from this breach may be some mandatory, court-ordered training of Verizon employees and/or new data security procedures, so this doesn't happen again. These solutions have been used elsewhere previously and repeatedly, for success.


Chanson de Roland

The other major problem in IT security is that, even when a firm's IT systems are secure, including its people being well trained and performing as they are trained to perform, any vulnerability, whether human or technical, in the IT systems of third-party vendors, here Verizon, opens the door to hackers. As the Editor of this blog has reported time and again, some of the worse breaches were the result of hackers first penetrating third-party vendors or contractors and using that breach to breach the ultimate target. This means that the likelihood of security vulnerabilities, both human and technical, increase by some order of magnitude for each third-party that has access to a firm's IT systems.

I am sure that experts on IT security have some mathematical function for calculating the increase in security risks that occur with number of connections, third-party and otherwise, to an IT system. I would love to know what that function is, but my human failing is that I am too lazy to research it.

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