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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


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Chanson de Roland

I am auditioning a new and powerful extension for Firefox, uMatrix, that not only blocks advertisements, it allows the user to block any class of requests made to his web browser, such as scripts, iFrames, ads, Facebook, etc. However uMatrix does require some manipulation, because, in its default setting, where everything is black-listed, it will break a lot of websites. uMatrix does given you very fine grained control to permit the request needed for the website at issue to work, but that does take a bit of tinkering. Or you can white-list everything, black-listing only the websites or browser requests that you don't want to run your web browser. uMatrix is very powerful software but requires the patience to tolerate some inconvenience and tinkering to get at least certain websites to work.

I, like the Editor, also use the Privacy Badger extension for Firefox, and I use Disconnect, Ghostery, and NoScript, and BetterPrivacy, which are all extensions for Firefox. So configured with the foregoing gauntlet of privacy technologies, my Firefox browser defeats nearly all privacy breaching and annoying technologies, such as adware, beacons, trackers, pixels, iFrames, etc. everything except fingerprinting. And notwithstanding the foregoing configuration of my browser, I almost never encounter a website that I can't make work.

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