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Monday, October 24, 2016


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Chanson de Roalnd

Just as Google's holding company, Alphabet, quietly removed the condition or mere aspiration that it would not be evil from its corporate organizing documents, so too it now has removed any pretense that the information that it collects about us isn't personally identifiable. The truth is that work at places like Carnegie Mellon University and MIT had shown that even our presumably unidentifiable information could practically be used to personally identify us. All that was needed was some sophisticated stats and marketing and psychology. Now, Google, Facebook, et al. have removed false pretension and hypocrisy that our travels on the Internet, our searches, our emails, and our postings on the social media and other modalities of the Internet were ever private. So now Google may be evil, if that is necessary to track and identify and profile us everywhere so as to enhance its profits.

Is Google's tracking and identifying use everywhere evil? Well, it certainly isn't virtue, because it destroys privacy. And privacy is essential to human liberty and human dignity and to dissent. Because Google's personally identifying us virtually everywhere and in virtually all of our doings on the Internet destroys privacy and endangers the right to dissent, Google, to the extent that it does so, and it now does so with unrestrained power, destroys human liberty and human dignity, and it is generally agreed that the destruction of human dignity and/or liberty is a wicked thing. So Google is doing evil, which it may now do unabashed, without any injunction or even aspiration that it not be evil.

Now, Google may be the Devil’s child, for now it may destroy our privacy without restraint to maximize its profits.

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