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Monday, November 07, 2016


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Chanson de Roland

When are we given the option of saying no to any of this? I neither need or want my vehicle to have any radios, at least none that I can't deactivate, that communicate by the Internet, cellular network, or by any other means with anyone's computer or anyone without my knowledge and consent. So, once again, when do we get to say no to any of this?

And what are these IT systems in our vehicles for and who other than us, solely in driving and the operation of our vehicles, do these IT systems serve and benefit? As for me, as a driver, I don't need and should not have any more distraction than a little music. My iPhone handles that. As for navigation, my iPhone does that too? Communication? iPhone has also got that covered, and, as I imply, supra, I really shouldn't be communicating while I am driving, because that is a dangerous distraction. So other than what makes my driving safer, more efficient, I don't need much more than what a car consisted of in the 2000, with some enhancement for safety and enhanced function and performance of my vehicle, solely as a means of transportation, which does not provide anyone or any system with any information about me, where I am, where I am going, what is happening in the vehicle's cabin and/or who is in the cabin, how the vehicles is operating, or any other information or instructions coming to or leaving from my vehicle, other than my smartphone, than was true for my Dad's cars in the 60s.

So, once again, when do I get to say no, so that I am essentially driving, as far as information transmitted to or from my vehicle is concerned, a 1965 Ford? Perhaps automakers should just focus on trying to prevent third parties from hacking our vehicles software for monitoring, surveillance, or even seizing control of them, things which they can’t presently do reliably, before they convert our vehicles into monitoring and surveillance devices for their of their partners benefit.

As a lawyer, I suppose that I should not object, and I know that the police and prosecutors won't object, because any information about a vehicle's state and/or that is transmitted to or from it that is stored will be available to both the police and private lawyers through court process, such as subpoenas, discovery requests, and warrants. And this should be a boon for lawsuits and prosecutions of all types and kinds. And based on recent legal precedents, all of that information from our vehicles will be available. I just have to make certain, as we all should do, to regard our vehicles as one huge surveillance device for the profit and benefit of others, in addition to being a mundane device to transport us from point A to point B.

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