IBM, Me, And Identity theft


Welcome to my I’ve Been Mugged blog. I started this blog to chronicle my experiences and learnings about identity theft. I am not an identity theft professional. Like most people, I am a regular working person with a 9-to-5 job, a bank account with hard earned savings, and credit cards that I know must be protected. Like most people, I am busy with my day job and my family, but I want to do what I should to protect my valuables.

Like many people, I've heard about and read news stories about identity theft. I will chronicle in this blog my experiences with identity theft, actions I've taken to protect myself, and broader issues that affect most people: new resources of identity protection, new threats from scammers, my research findings about identity theft issues, and governmental laws related to identity theft. My promise to my blog readers is that I will use plain English to explain issues that are often clouded in technical, legal, or financial terminology.

Because the Internet is a constantly (and rapidly) changing thing, this blog will cover ways we consumers can (and should) protect our personal information, plus whether or not we consumers are getting the help we expect from companies and government. My personal belief is that governmental laws and activities are tilted far to favor corporations and profit-making, and lack sufficient protections for consumers with this constantly changing tool called the Internet. My personal belief is that while most corporations are responsible about protecting the personal information they maintain, too many corporations aren't responsible enough, and we consumers incur the risk and expense. I am sure that my blog's readers will add comments, links, and research findings about this.

Along the way, I will use my experiences with IBM Corporation to illustrate certain points about identity theft, identity protection, and corporate responsibility. I have I.B.M. to thank since they lost my personal information which triggered my increased interest in identity theft issues and this blog.

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