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How To Destroy A Hard Drive in 5 Seconds

I have an old (Win98 @166 Mhz) desktop PC I need to dispose of in a secure manner. I had planned to reformat the hard drive. I found this blog post by Bob Congdon which is too entertaining not to mention:

"I'm getting rid of an ancient PC. It still runs but is old enough that none of the parts are worth saving. It's going to get recycled but I didn't want to go through the trouble of wiping the hard drive. So I decided to destroy it. Initially I tried to take it apart but the drive unit is sealed and I couldn't get the cover off. So I took a hammer to it. The case is lot more sturdy than I expected But after a few whacks, the cover was off. And now the drive is in pieces and it's unlikely that anyone but the NSA could get the data off its mangled platters. But it took a while."

Bob's post also mentions a Network World article about Guard Dog, a device to wipe clean a hard drive with sensitive data on it. I think that I'll use the sledgehammer... it's cheaper and more fun.

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Lori Magno

I need a sledgehammer. Now.

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