Kroll's Offering From IBM Deserves Scrutiny
Opt-out Resources for Consumers (Part 2)

Identity Theft Humor

Reactions to IBM's data breach notification seem to vary. This June 26, 2007 post by Shelby was too entertaining not to mention:

"Staying on the sunny side of life, IBM informed me that the information had not surfaced anywhere and that it was in such a format that it required specialized equipment to access it. They also assured me that according to their extensive investigation, the information had simply been lost, not stolen. And also, they were really, really sorry about it. In exchange for being dumbasses, they have offered me a free year's membership in a credit monitoring service, which I accepted. The service looks pretty cool, and I bet [Kroll] threw a huge party when they got the IBM deal. I didn't have to provide any kind of payment information and the service would not be automatically renewed after IBM stopped paying, but of course I'm welcome to continue their service should I choose after my free period expires. Thanks IBM!"

I know how Shelby feels. IBM's carelessness has inconvenienced us both in time and money. Plus, the risk window (during which an identity thief could sell, resell, and/or abuse our personal data) extends far beyond IBM's one year of free credit monitoring offer. Thanks IBM!

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