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TJX Settles Out Of Court On Data Breach Lawsuit

From the September 21 Boston Globe newspaper:

"[Reuters - September 21, 2007] NEW YORK --TJX Cos Inc said Friday it and Fifth Third Bancorp had agreed to settle class action lawsuits brought on behalf of customers in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada who were victims of a criminal intrusion into TJX's computer system."

This news story also made headlines in Canada. What I found most important in this news article:

"Under the settlement, which is subject to certain conditions, TJX customers who had their drivers license or other identification information stolen after making returns without a receipt, are being offered two to three years of credit monitoring and identity theft insurance and the cost of replacing IDs. Other affected customers are to receive vouchers, the company said."

Note: TJX offered its identity-theft victims 2 to 3 years of credit monitoring, not one year as IBM offered in response to IBM's data breach.


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