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Consumers' concerns about data security are growing in Europe just like in the USA. A recent ZDNet's UK Security Management Toolkit article reported:

"Safeguarding customer data should be a priority for UK companies — because consumers here place great store on how businesses treat their information, according to research."

The supporting statistics:

"Out of eight European nations, UK nationals stand out as the most concerned their data is kept safe. Eighty-one per cent of Britons polled by Unisys said an organisation's ability to keep their data safe is a key trust-building attribute. This compares to 42 percent of French respondents, 40 percent of Belgians and 35 percent of German consumers."

More importantly, consumers' trust is affected by how well companies protect consumers' personal data:

"The UK also leads the way in believing inadequate data privacy protection leads to an erosion of customer trust. Seventy-six percent of Brits feel this is the case, followed by 62 percent of consumers in Spain and 58 percent in France."

We Americans are not alone with our data security concerns. Safeguarding customer, employee, and former employee data should be a priority not only for UK companies, but also for multinational corporations and their partners/contractors. We live in a global economy. Money moves globally. Personal data moves globally, too.


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