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From the Thursday October 11, 2007 Boston Globe:

"Some TJX Cos. customers whose credit card information was stolen from the Framingham retailer could get $15 checks as part of a revised settlement agreement proposed in federal court yesterday. TJX, the parent of stores including TJ Maxx and Marshalls, struck the new deal with plaintiff attorneys after a federal judge questioned an earlier agreement between the two sides last month."

Why the deal was revised (and should have been revised):

"Previously TJX had offered to give $30 store vouchers to certain customers who had lost time or money as a result of the loss of the data, valuing their time at $10 an hour. Consumer advocates said the vouchers wouldn't effectively penalize TJX, because the vouchers could be used only in company stores. Under the new terms, TJX will still offer the vouchers, but would give customers the option of getting a check instead."

Vouchers are worthless for identity theft victims who have lost trust in TJX companies and don't want to shop there. And there has to be a consequence when a company suffers a data breach and is slow to acknowledge and fix the breach.

Is a $15 check enough? No, but some cash is a step in the correct direction.


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