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This post at the Consumerist blog is a worthwhile read. Brandon's story highlights how a company can harass an identity theft victim instead of working with the victim to resolve the fraud. Brandon's story:

"In January 2007, I was traveling in Mexico and was mugged, having my wallet and passport stolen. By the time I got back to the hotel and began calling my credit card companies to cancel, the criminal had charged close to $3,000 on my CHASE Circuit City Visa card. I explained to CHASE that the charges were fraud, and they sent me a fraudulent charge affidavit to complete and have notarized. As I couldn't take care of this until I returned from my trip, and had more important things like a passport to worry about, I waited a few weeks before completing the paperwork and during those weeks received those weeks received about 2 calls a day from CHASE urging me to send the documents."

According to the post, Brandon did a lot of things correctly. He completed the necessary documents and communicated with Chase in writing. The post includes a copy of Brandon's correspondence. But, Chase continued harass him for payment.

The best advice (from the Consumerist) is at the end of the post:

"You called and reported the fraud the day of, and yet they're still trying to collect. Under federal law, you have no responsibility for unauthorized charges after reporting loss or theft of a credit card. That you waited a few weeks to send in the papers doesn't matter. Worst case scenario, your maximum liability is $50. Have you sent them a "drop-dead" letter? Or a letter of dispute? Include the information in the preceding paragraph in your letter. You could also try kicking it up to Chase executive customer service: 1-888-622-7547 - extension 4350 or 847-488-6833, or 888-622-7547 x 6833."


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Lonnie Mitchell

Chase is the worst of the credit Cards. What they do is send you a letter telling you that they will lend you a lot of money at a fixed 3.99 % and 4.99 % then after your balance is high and you are paying over $425. Month (If you don't miss a payment that would let them raise your interest rate) they raise your minimum payment from 2 % to 5 % of your balance and you have to pay over $1000. a month, which will cause most to miss a payment. I was notified 3 days ago that they were doing this to me.


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chase is not the worst. advanta bank is. i had 4 credit cards opened fraudulently in my name by my son. capitol one, after months of harassing, intimidating, threats, and ignoring me, released me
from 1 of them. the second card with them, i did not get released, until their legal department threatened to sue me, and i sent an FCRA
form requesting all documentation on the account. they never sent this information to me, but did send the account back to their fraud department, who still would not release the information, and had not
provided the information to the local police. when i called to find out why i had not received the information, and the local police, i was told, there was no credit application filled out or signed, the account was opened on-line. within 4 days, i got a letter releasing me of responsibility.
citi-card, was much more responsive, removing it from my credit report, while holding me responsible until the fraud case is resolved. they have provided all information requested.

advanta bank, is the absolute worst. the credit application was filled out on line also. the home address is not mine, the email address associated with the account is my sons, the home phone number is by sons cell phone number, and my mothers maiden name is incorrect. my son as agreed to take responsiblity for the account,
and advanta still refuses to release me from responsibity. i am meeting with my attorney this afternoon to explore my legal options.
these people have persistantly harassed, threatened, intimidated,
and caused me great harm both financially, emotionally, and physically.
My advice, at the first hint of any credit card fraud, get your credit report. if anything looks odd, like inquiries from credit card companies you do not have cards with, immediately call them and
ask if there are any cards opened with your name and ssn. if you find any fraudulent accounts, report them immediately to their fraud department, file a report with your local police department and get a copy of the police report. go to the FTC website and download a copy of the FCRA (fair credit reporting act) request for fraudulent
transaction information. when you return the credit card fraud form to the credit card company, include with it, a copy of the police report, and the FCRA request for information. send all the information by US postal service, with a return receipt. if you do not receive the information within 45 days, call, and write, the fraud department, and request they either provide the requested information immediately, or release you of responsibility.

if you think these companies will work with you honestly and fairly, you are wrong. they know that someone used your information, because it is good credit, the person who used your information, used it because they could not get credit with their own. the credit card companies, know that they are more likely to get payment of some type, from you, not the criminal.

Good luck.

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