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Wildfire Victims Targeted By Identity Thieves

As if the wildfire victims didn't have enough bad news. The Redlands Daily Facts reported:

"Redlands fraud investigators are warning of an increased risk of identity theft targeting victims of the recent wildfires. Following the Old Fire in 2003, Redlands police saw an increase in identity theft among those who had homes damaged or destroyed in the fires and those who were evacuated from their homes... looters often sift through damaged property or homes under evacuation orders, making off with bank and credit card statements, tax documents, and other financial information. The information is then used or sold to others to access victims' accounts or rack up thousands of dollars in debt charged to the victim."

According to the Earth Times on November 13, 2007:

"TrustedID, a leading provider of proactive identity theft protection solutions, today announced it will offer free identity theft protection services to families affected by the California wildfires to prevent identity theft while they recover and rebuild. During the month of November, residents can call TrustedID's special hotline to receive three months of free coverage under TrustedID's IDFreeze service, which offers the strongest proactive identity theft protection available today for families."

According to a news release at PR-USA:

"... AxcessPoints is offering a free year of service for its secure, online repository through Nov. 30, 2007. AxcessPoints is $9.95 per month. AxcessPoints, a highly secure online planning resource for organizing and retrieving critical personal, medical and financial information, said disaster victims often suffer a second tragedy following a catastrophe by failing to have key financial records and other critical data readily available to work with insurance companies, banks, utilities and other service providers."

Note: the I've Been Mugged blog does not endorse the above services. I do not have a business relationship with either company. Like any other services, consumers should research the company, its services, and shop around to compare services before making a purchase decision.


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