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In his Between the Lines blog, Larry Dignan describes his experience with Facebook's online survey. If many users' survey responses mirror Larry's response, Facebook has lost a lot of user trust.

When asked how often he uses Facebook, Larry wrote:

"About once a week maybe twice. In the early going, I hit Facebook a lot more. I don’t have the urge to go there more often than I do."

When asked how satisfied he is with Facebook, Larry wrote:

"I was neutral. I was never in the 'I love Facebook' camp. It’s a fine utility, but it’s also one that could be applied elsewhere. Maybe Facebook is a destination. It could also be a feature. Perhaps Ning has been more useful to me."

When asked if he would recommend facebook to others, Larry wrote:

"Probably not. I’m just not much of an evangelist."

When asked if he'd heard about Facebook beacon, Larry wrote:

"Yes of course. I couldn’t help but wonder how transparent this poll was and what Facebook was trying to get at. It’s called damage control and Beacon should have been in the first five questions since we all know that’s why this poll exists."


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