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Placing A Freeze (Or Lock) on Your Credit Files

In August 2007, the Massachusetts Governor signed a new law allowing Massachusetts residents to lock or place a "Security Freeze" on their credit reports with the three national credit bureaus. Residents can visit the Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs web site for instructions about how to add, lift, or remove a Security Freeze on their credit reports. Residents in other states can proceed directly to the three national credit bureaus for instructions:

The fees to add, lift, or remove a Security Freeze vary by state and by the consumer's status. For identity-theft victims, the fees are waived. For others, the fees apply and vary by state. For example: the add/remove/lift fees in Massachusetts for identity theft victims are waived, while the fees for others are a $5.00 each. In some states, the add/remove/lift fees are as high as $10.00 or $20.00 each.


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