Online Privacy Concerns Increase
Satisified With RFID Skimming Protection (Product Review)


Most of us begin every new year with resolutions... habits we'd like to change, stop, or start. While considering resolutions for 2008, I thought about changes I'd like to see regarding data breaches, data security, and identity protection. This inspired the poem below (with sincere apologies to the great American poet, Joyce Kilmer).


I think that I will never see
A month pass that's data-breach free.

No unencrypted WiFi feeds
By retail chains' focus on greed;

No stolen past employee files,
That firms claim were "lost" for a while;

No stolen backup data tapes,
Spawning breach notices that make

People pay to lock credit files,
Or add fraud alerts for awhile;

One-year offers of free credit
monitoring -- what a poor fit!

People like me would love to see,
Lifetime credit monitoring for free.


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