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The Age Of Conversation 2008: Call For Authors

The Age Of Conversation The debut of The Age of Conversation book in 2007 was such a refreshing and innovative look at blogging, it's no surprise that the planning for version 2.0 of the book is already underway. (If you haven't read the book, here's a backgrounder.) Version 1.0 featured 101 authors, including a couple Boston-area bloggers I know and work with: Lori Magno of Moda di Magno, and Ryan Barrett of Cheap Thrills. I hope to participate in version 2.0.

From now through February 3, 2007 you can vote online for the topic for version 2.0. The three topic options:

  • Marketing Manifesto
  • Why Don’t People Get It?
  • My Marketing Tragedy (and what I learned)

Bloggers interested in contributing to the 2008 edition as an author, should visit Drew McClelland's Marketing Minute blog. Potential authors must provide contact information: your full name, snail-mail address, phone, blog URL, and e-mail address. If your contact information doesn’t make it clear — please share your experience/expertise that would make you a good candidate for writing a chapter in a business/marketing book.


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