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No Updates From IBM At Its Web Site About Its February 2007 Data Breach

Every few weeks, I check IBM's employee web site for any updates about the company's February 2007 data breach. So far, IBM has not updated the site page. It contains the same content it did when I first visited the site in May 2007 -- eight months ago.

I had hoped that the site would have included updates about the status of the breach and data tape investigation. Maybe IBM will have recovered some or all of the "lost" data tapes by now? Or maybe the investigation might have uncovered some corrupt employees or vendor employees? I had hoped that IBM would have communicated more frequently with the identity-theft victims its breach created.

I am still hoping that during the next few months IBM will update the site with information about extending the credit monitoring service with Kroll after the year of free credit monitoring ends. Who knows, maybe the term of free credit monitoring will be extended.

It's hard to know what's going on with IBM since the page displays the same stale information it did in May 2007. Various news reports have reported that IBM cut the base pay of many employees by 15% after settling various class-action lawsuits which claimed that the company denied the workers overtime pay by illegally classifying them as exempt instead of hourly. Apparently, the pay cuts extend beyond the original group of employees identified in the class-action lawsuits.

Sounds like an attempt by IBM to play hard-ball.


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