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Seattle Man Sentenced To 51 Months In Prison For Identity Theft

I am pleased to forward news when identity thieves receive what they deserve. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported:

"Kopiloff pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft, mail fraud and accessing a protected computer without authorization to further fraud. He victimized more than 50 people and caused about $70,000 in losses, according to court records."

Readers should also note:

"The peer-to-peer network Kopiloff exploited is the type that is used to swap music online. Kopiloff used software such as LimeWire to search the computers of members of the file-sharing network for federal income tax returns, student financial aid applications and credit reports, according to prosecutors. The stolen merchandise would be shipped to mailboxes around the Puget Sound region, then sold for about half its retail value."

This story should be a warning to consumers about both the risks with file-sharing software, and the need to properly configure home firewall, wireless network, and anti-virus software.


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