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Study Concludes That Corporate Data Breaches Are Due To Incompetence And Carelessness

A Threat To Our Democracy: The Lack Of Free And Independent News Media

Recently, Bill Moyers spoke at The 2008 National Conference For Media Reform about the failure of mainstream media and our individual need “to fight for the freedom that makes all other freedoms possible” – responsible journalism. We cannot have a fully functional democracy without a free and independent press. Why? In order to cast informed votes, we all need reliable trustworthy information from the press.

Without a free and independent press, we citizens cannot expect to read and hear about what we need to know: corporate data breaches, executive incompetence regarding data security, corporate failures to protect your sensitive personal information, upcoming deadlines about FCC, FTC, and other government agency hearings seeking consumers' input, threats to the blogosphere, threats to the open and independent Internet we all use, or whatever.

Moyers' speech is long, but crucial. You will feel outraged, but more importantly, also inspired. I urge you to find the time to watch Moyers' speech [39:58 minutes]. And yes... we citizens all have an individual responsibility to fight for a free and independent press.


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