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TrueCredit From TransUnion (Product Review)

After Discover changed its credit monitoring vendor, I have looked for a replacement service. Since the three national credit bureaus all offer credit monitoring services, I have already reviewed the credit monitoring services by Equifax and Experian. Today's post covers TransUnion's service: TrueCredit.

Since I already knew the name of TransUnion's service, I performed a Google search with "TrueCredit" and easily found the site. The first search result included a link to the TrueCredit home page, and that's where I went:

TrueCredit home page

First impressions mean a lot. The site presented easy-to-read bulleted lists of the benefits and features of TrueCredit. Moreover, each bullet item included a link to examples of the:

  • Credit report formats from all 3 national credit bureaus
  • Credit scores from all 3 national credit bureaus
  • Security freeze tool (e.g., lock and unlock TransUnion credit report)
  • Alerts and notification about changes to a consumer's credit reports
  • Details about the ID-theft insurance in easy-to-read language
  • Details about credit management tools and advice

The site didn't offer any explanations of why the TrueCredit service is better than others. The user is left to make their own comparisons and analysis. For example, TrueCredit offers more insurance than Equifax and Experian. The TrueCredit site did not make confusing claims about getting a free credit report. Simply, the TrueCredit site explained the service.

I found the TrueCredit site far easier to use than both the Equifax and Experian sites. I didn't have to hunt for the information. The site delivered it easily and quickly. The main page didn't provide a confusing array of services. the main page provided information only about the TrueCredit service.

Consumers need access to the full text of all three credit reports, not just one. And the TrueCredit service delivers on this need, unlike the Equifax "3-in-1 Monitoring" service. (To learn more, read my review of the Equifax service.)

My first impression: the site main page did not detract from the brand. The site page gave the impression that TrueCredit and TransUnion might be a satisfactory brand to do business with.

If I've learned one thing when evaluating credit monitoring services it's this: closely read the page content. It would have been better if the TrueCredit site also presented the full text of the insurance agreement and coverages. It didn't, so the user is left to rely on the summary information. This is needed to fully understand exactly what type of performance a consumer can expect from TrueCredit insurance and credit resolution. As a wise person once said, "the devil is in the details."

It's important to note that the TrueCredit site does not mention outsourcing and whether TrueCredit or TransUnion offshore outsources any of its operations. I read both the Service Agreement and the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy does mention that TrueCredit may share consumers' information with "third parties," but the statement doesn't specify if those parties are within or outside the USA.

I know from prior research that all three national credit bureaus announced offshore outsourcing in 2003, and continue to do so today. (I haven't seen any evidence since to the contrary.) To stay competitive and to manage costs, credit bureaus currently offshore outsource portions of their credit reporting operations, and likely do the same for their credit monitoring services. I would expect TransUnion to mention its offshore outsourcing arrangements so consumers can make a truly informed purchase.

I find it very interesting that none of the sites (e.g., Experian, Equifax, and TrueCredit) provide quotes from satisfied users. I can only assume that either the services don't have any satisfied users, or the services consider this content irrelevant. To me, it's very relevant. I want to understand if other consumers like me found the TrueCredit service helpful. Nor do I want to wait or rely solely upon on the results of the proposed FTC survey.

The bottom line: while the TrueCredit service presented itself far better than both Equifax and Experian, I have the advantage of knowing somebody who has had poor experiences with TrueCredit's customer service center, which seems to be located outside the USA. So, consumers should assume that TrueCredit uses customer service call centers located outside the USA; and hence your personal information crosses country borders, too.

Is TrueCredit for you? You'll have to decide for yourself. For me, I will continue to look at the credit monitoring services from the independents before making a decision. I say this partly because of the offshore outsourcing activities by the three national credit bureaus, but also because I'm not convinced that TrueCredit is indeed the best service available. For example, the Suze Orman Identity Theft Kit contains several features which the TrueCredit service lacks. Many consumers may consider these additional features important.

During the upcoming weeks, I will review more credit monitoring services. You can easily follow the reviews by signing up for either e-mail alerts or the RSS feed. Links for both are in the column on the right.


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Bill Garner

Credit monitoring services offer some limitations for the person truly concerned about identity theft.

First, it is after the fact. The creditor has 60 days to report new activity.

Second, credit monitoring only shows things that hit a credit report. Two thirds of identity theft issues don't hit a credit report so credit monitoring gives a person a false sense of security.

Third, there is no real help in restoring a persons name, credit to where it was before the event. That work is left up the the victim who is normally at a loss as to what to do with a problem four states away.

Marilyn Taggi

TrueCredit has recently changed it's policy of unlimited triple credit reports to one every thirty days. this change was made without notifying it's members(me) and without a price reduction. i have since cancelled their service.


Yes Transunion and are both scammers. It says free service but they not only try and charge you once but twice and then when you cancel they try and make it as impossible as can be and then when you finally get to cancel it is the same company!

Brutal deception.

Alex - Calgary

Disgruntled Customer

TransUnion is a scam! I tried to sign up for the 30-day free trial, but instead was charged $29.95 without even a prompt to tell me before clicking the authorize button. There was no way to get the money back because they automatically sent the product via internet without giving any opportunity to reverse the charge. It was a learning experience. NEVER do business with TransUnion!


True Credit 2010 is horrible. I tried to start an account with them and only got an error page after I put my personal information in. As I thought that an account was never created, I haven't thought about it until today. I noticed on my bank account statement that I was just charded $14.95 from TruCredit. After seeing this charge I called there customer service which took me going to there website and dealing with their virtual agent because you can not find any number on their site. I was passed on to 4 different people waited for the 5th to call me. All 4 people told me that because I created an account they will not reimburse me. As I explained to them that I have not used their account and two people verified this and suprisingly the other two told me that there is no way to look for that. Needless to say they still insist on not reimbursing me even though I have NEVER used their website. Nothing like being charged for something you never used. Please use someone else and not deal with these people and this company. Don't waste your time and money. Read all reviews on this True Credit 2010 and you will see how horrible of a time people have had with this company. I just wish I did this before I tried them.


Protectionpower work fine with me. I got my report and my score without any trouble. pretty useful when someone stole your wallet.


currently using TrueCredit monitoring service. about to cancel. trying to apply for mortgage; mortgage broker says scores she sees are avg 30 points lower than what transunion is reporting for all 3 bureaus. that 30 points is enough to keep us from easily qualifying for a home loan. big disappointment when you're paying to watch your credit report and you can't trust what is being reported to you. Why would a bank doing a hard pull be showing different Scores from the same bureaus? very peculiar.

am beginning to think that the reason there are no testimonials posted on the sales site is because satisfaction levels are VERY low, and are thereby diregarded by sales team as irrelevant.


For knowing what is on your credit its ok but to get a real score it sucks....


DON'T DO IT! This service is pointless. They base there score on something called "advantage" and give you a stupid letter grade. I tried to refinance my car thinking my credit score was what it said. To my surprise the bank came back with a number almost 60 points lower. And don't try to get a refund, that won't happen. DON'T DO IT!


If, like me, you've been manipulated into ordering the TruCredit monitoring service just to get your FREE credit report, good luck trying to get a quick and easy cancellation! I was on the phone with this silly little rep trying to cancel...something that really only took seconds, for almost an hour!! He tried EVERYTHING he could to keep me chit-chatting on the phone and kept saying "oh, we'll get to your cancellation in a minute." No, you don't need to know if my boss is around. No, where I'm working right now is irrelevant. No, I don't want to take your survey. And no, I don't want a discounted price of $9.95/mo. You should've offered me that price in the first place!! I highly suggest finding another bureau for your credit report, because TransUnion makes the whole process extremely painful!

Zack Kolev

TransUnion's cancellation representative was the worst I had ever experienced! Will never do business with them again!

alex clarke

the vantage score is worthless. This score is good anywhere except a bank. Your real score will be lower and for folks with great credit. Your score will be higher than the score even goes. The max credit score you can have is 893(fact). The highest score I have ever seen is a 873. Thats 12 years of being in Lending for auto loans. True credit will show your score in the high 900's. Do not base a purchase (rate) on the score you get from true credit. Your rate will be higher if you have good or moderate credit. There I feel better! Now how do I get three years of $15.00 per month back?

Dani Snyder-Young

When I went to sign up for this service, I was unable to complete my order online, and was directed to call a phone number. The customer service representative told me I had a fraud alert on my account, and took my information before enabling me to log on.

I was confused-- I did not put a fraud alert on my account. I then called Equifax, who confirmed that I did NOT have a fraud alert on my account.

But since I had given my information to "TransUnion", I am now anxious that I am, indeed, about to be a victim of identity theft.

I've now put a lock on my account, with alerts on both my social security number and the credit card number I paid my fee with. But this service is either fraudulent or has been hacked.

Dr. Cavender

Unfortunately, should be reported to the BBB or class action lawsuit.

I found it's absolutely impossible to cancel with them and there's no alternative via online/email. Only option to cancel is through a 1-800 number that hangs up on after you push any button on the menu to get to a customer service representative.

Try the number for yourself...1-800-493-2392 or 3292.

Cory is a total scam and a waste of money!!! They change their products and pricing without notification and then charge you for updating your reports-which they initially claim is a free part of your membership! UGH I wish I would have read all of the review prior to setting up our accounts $600 ago!

I did just cancel with them-after talking with 5 different people. Call (800) 493-2392 and press option 6. Then just tell them that you want to cancel. I also demanded a refund for this month since they just deducted it today, and he did refund it and then tried to talk me into letting him "give" me a month for free for the inconvenience. I said NO WAY because I will NOT give them a way to bill me again! Just checked and our accounts are canceled.

OH-and they do not have 1 call center in the US!!! I asked to be transferred to the US and was told impossible because there are no call centers in the US., So that is something I will ensure next time I look for a credit reporting agency-that they are solely in the US.


Ive also had a bad experience with TrueCredit. I signed up for their 7 day free trial last week. I saw that they only offer scoring and reports from TransUnion now. I looked at their offer to have the reports from all 3 credit agencies but it was for $29.95 so I did NOT click "accept" to authorize the transaction. Despite this, I then saw a 29.95 debit on my checking account! I think its very ironic that a credit monitoring agency is the one placing an unauthorized debit on my account! I canceled the trial immediately. They also use outsourced reps, inundate you with ads on their website and try their best to dissuade you from canceling. They are worthless, untrustworthy and incompetent. (just my opinion of course) :)

Casey Mc Cormack-Norman

I just tried to cancel - what a frustrating experience! They kept trying to sell me more and show me how to use the website! INSANITY! Just cancel, that's all I want!!


I am very disappointed with TrueCredit. They are not what they used to be. Now they changed the policy and it was very unclear about report from 3 credit agency would cost additional $30 (it was included before) and it was no use for me since it gave me no report number to use if I want to dispute any items there with credit agency. I will never return to it again.


I have been mugged by TransUnion. I registered for the free credit service 7 days trial. They signed me up for Zendough as well without notifying and when i cancel for the TransUnion Service, they didn't let me know that I got registered for Zendough as well. Then Zendough charge me monthly fee. TransUnion website is very misleading. I will never use their website.


TRUECREDIT is not a scam but a misunderstood service, most of the time people who call in to cancel are those who talk too much and listen less....and that is where the problem starts....with a deaf ear, nothing will be a valid explanation, no matter how good the explanation is...i.d theft is a serious matter, with this service i saved my household from unpleasant those who say True Credit is a scam, here's what i can say "the main reason it didn't work for you is because you don't know what you have, and of course what's in it for you...and plese before you sign for any service on line READ THE TERMS and CONDITIONS...

Dogtown Kory

So would you recommend a service like this for someone who wants to rebuild their credit? I'm looking for something that will assist me with what I should tackle debt by debt and hopefully watch the credit score increase.

Regardless, thanks for the honest review.. Very helpful!

MarySue Whalen

My husband and I had been individual members since August 2003. Then they decided to "randomly" change only my service to allow only one credit score without a reduction in price. I'd call that "random" discrimination. Then when we went to get an auto loan, my score through the credit union came back 30 points lower than what TruCredit said it was supposed to be. My husband's score was 20 points lower. I liked the trend and credit reports and access to 3 scores in one place but it's totally useless if it's inaccurate, which obviously this product is.

bernadette ward

i am another scam victim of transunion and true credit.hard to believe this can happen.they scammed me out of 50.00 with no service .when you see transunion you would want to believe this not a scam.they are legal con artists.


Thanks for all the people who put their true experience.
It helped me to stay away from TrueCredit.


Be aware that if you order the one free yearly credit report, even without putting in a valid credit card- they will use one of your credit cards to automatically sign you up for a 7-day free trial for automatic credit reports. This is a very crude tactic. Luckily I saw my bank account statement moments after it came through. After calling them, I had explained my issue with this and they have stated that it was in the terms of service that they are allowed to do this. It had literally been 30 minutes since it was charged and the representative would not allow me a refund and was being very snide.

The customer service at TransUnion is terrible. I had spoke with someone who was extremely rude and snide. It doesn't surprise me that companies that have federal over-sight are outsourced to the Philippines and India and use crude business tactics to rake in money.


Just canceled my service through transunion after signing up for the 7 day free trial, which lists that you may cancel at any time. I got my score and was surprised by how high it was, but after reading reviews it looks like my real score may be 30 or more points lower that what transunion lists. After signing up and viewing my score there was no options anywhere on the entire website including all of the account settings pages that will allow you to cancel your service. So next I tried calling and the automated service provides 2 options. The first is to order a new report by entering all of your private info over the phone and option 2 is to talk to a representative. So I clicked option 2. This took me to the same options of 1 for new service and 2 for customer service. I press #2 again and am told they cannot provide me with a credit report at this time and I was then disconnected. So having no option to cancel, I decided to call my bank. They told me it is complicated to cancel a charge and provided me a direct # for transunion to call and reach a representative. I called and reached a woman in India who could hardly understand what I was asking for. I explained that I wanted to cancel and she asked me for all of my personal information in order to continue. I provided all of the information and then was again asked what I was calling about. I again stated that I wanted to cancel and was told that If I registered online then I must call true credit a different service who handles transunions online transactions. So I called this number, which I believe connected me to the Philippines where I was again asked for my personal information and was finally able to cancel. All in all the process took me 58 minutes to complete yet all it took the company to cancel my service was less than 45 seconds. Please do not waste your time with this business as it is not worth the business of hard working U.S. citizens. Good luck in finding a better credit monitoring service.


The number I was given in in order to reach true credit to cancel my account was 1 800 493 2392. I forgot to add this number to my original comment.

Bob B

Obviously one goes to a service like True Credit to receive accurate and meaningful 'data'. Alas with True Credit some of what you get is neither accurate nor meaningful...I ended up talking to 'member support' service to complain about the credit scores provided, as the scores are totally bogus. What? How can that be? Allow me to give you an example:

Agency credit scores (Trans Union) (Equifax)

Per True Credit 931 (94%) 990 (98%)

Per online Fico score 707 (<50%) 701 (<50%)

Question: So how is it the nationally used FICO credit score, and in this case my credit score, is less than the median US credit score of 725, while my True Credit score is in the upper echelons of 94%-98%???? So while my real FICO credit score is not bad, but certainly needs room for improvement. On the other hand just looking at the True Credit 'credit score', my credit score is impressive as heck...

Answer: Yes its true, True Credit makes up credit scores, and these made up scores have nothing to do with the nationally accepted standardized FICO credit scores or with reality. It appears to avoid being sued they never-ever refer to the nationally accepted and widely used FICO scores, they only use the loose term 'CREDIT' scores. And unless you dig, and that is dig real deep, does one discover they make up credit scores based on some purported sound financial analytical tools. Unfortunately these made up credit scores are extremely misleading!

My advice, stay away, do not waste your hard earned dollars.

final note: they now have a method where one can cancel service on line, though once again you have to really dig to find the magic button to start the online cancellation process.

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