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Have You Heard About Credit Reports From Innovis?

I'll bet you haven't heard of Innovis either. The company sells consumer credit reports to lenders and banks. I had heard about Innovis until I read this Consumerist post:

"Sure, you've heard of Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, but what about Innovis? Smaller agencies can do just as much damage to your ability to get a good deal on credit as their bigger brethren."

Why has it been hard for consumers to not hear about Innovis? It seems like this company has flown under the radar. Here's what I've learned so far about Innovis:

An October 2005 San Francisco Chronicle article reported:

"For the past five years, a company called Innovis Data Solutions has been quietly collecting reams of consumer info from a variety of lenders. Sometime next year, the company says, it will begin using its vast database to compile and market credit reports on millions of people -- whether they want Innovis to or not. This will make Innovis the fourth major player in the growing world of national credit reporting agencies... These are the companies that keep track of people's credit histories and can make or break a loan application. They're also the ones that make you jump through bureaucratic hoops if your identity is stolen or you're a victim of fraud."

Some consumer advocates were cautious, since in 2005 it was unclear whether or not Innovis would be open and transparent in its communications with consumers. In my view, consumer credit reporting companies need to be open and honest for several reasons. First, identity theft and fraud have mushroomed during the past five years. Second, corporate data breaches continue to expose millions of consumer records and sensitive personal data. Third, consumers need to monitor all of their credit reports for accuracy and fraud.

What do you think? Recently, I ordered my credit report from Innovis to see how accurate it is. I will post on this blog my experiences doing business with Innovis. If you have done business with Innovis, please share your experiences below.


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Paul Peterson

My son and I have just received a letter each from Innovis stating as required by Colorado law that some potentially negative information has been posted to our respective accounts. How did your experience with Innovis go?



Thanks for sharing your experience. Frankly, other things came up and I haven't made any progress my Innovis files. I will get back to this. Sorry.



I have received a letter each from Innovis stating as required by Colorado law that some potentially negative information has been posted to our respective accounts.

However I track my account with and I don't have issues with my credit.

I'm not calling them to give them any of my SSN information. BEWARE OF THEM!!!!


i just received a letter in the mail from them, I live in Denver, CO. The letter informs me that i have 3 negitive accounts on my credit report. It states that according to the fair credit act, i'm entitled to a free credit report from them. I did visit their website and found it to be pretty generic. The website mentions i can receive my credit report after calling them and giving them basically my whole identity or mail in photo copies of my DL, my SS card and a piece of mail proving i live at that address. I monitor my credit with a trusted company already, and have had no reports pop up, this is very weird to me and i think this is a phishing scam to be honest.

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