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Apparently, in parts of Texas undocumented foreign workers don't need to buy stolen Social Security Numbers from identity thieves, or make up bogus Social Security Numbers to get a job. The local government will happily do it for them. Last week, the Dallas Morning News reported:

"Years after being advised by a state agency to stop, the Dallas Independent School District continued to provide foreign citizens with fake Social Security numbers to get them on the payroll quickly... Some of the numbers were real Social Security numbers already assigned to people elsewhere."

This is unbelievable! How stupid can people be? First, they engaged in creating bogus SSNs. Second, were told to stop something (e.g., fraud) they never should have been doing in the first place. Third,they continued to do it anyway. The newspaper reported:

"The practice was described in an internal report issued in September by the district's investigative office, which looked into the matter after receiving a tip. The report said the Texas Education Agency learned of the fake numbers in 2004 and told DISD then that the practice "was illegal."

Apparently, these Texas school and government officials either don't know or don't care about the consequences and damage victims experience when others fraudulent use their valid Social Security Numbers. In this part of Texas, the ends justify the means, which is all about speedy hiring regardless of the consequences and damages to other citizens.

"DISD human resources chief Kim Olson, who came to the district in 2007, said that she learned about the false numbers this past summer around the time the district's investigative unit was looking into them and that she put a stop to the practice."

The SSA is currently investigating the DISD's activities. Good! A story like this makes one wonder what other school districts, agencies, or companies have done the same as the DISD.

This story is far from over. Journalists and Texas citizens should want to know exactly how Olson put a stop to this fraud activity. Who was suspended, fired, and/or fined? Who was prosecuted and jailed? What is the Texas State Attorney General's office doing? When did the DISD implement data security training classes for its employees? How many victims, whose valid SSNs were duplicated by DISD, are residents in other states?


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