Consumers Should Know The Price They Pay When Using Google Services
Data Breach By Google JotSpot

How Google Compromises Your Privacy

Yesterday's post discussed the reasons for consumers to be aware of what privacy you give up when using Google's free services. Thanks to MarketWatch, today's post shows a couple of the ways Google services can compromise your privacy:

"Consumer Watchdog has created a YouTube video showing how your computer could be having an unnoticed conversation about you with Google. The nonprofit group has called on Google's founders and directors to adopt new privacy safeguards that allow for anonymous internet and software use... read the letter to Google's founders at

Below is the video, which I encourage all consumers to watch. Again, an informed consumer is a smart shopper. Know what you are buying when you use free services from Google, or from any other vendor.

The sensitive personal data consumers must protect, and the sensitive personal data companies often keep and should protect vigorously.


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Thanks to Bill for the following link:
Some Worry That Google Knows Too Much

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