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I’ve Been Mugged – Why It’s Important in Your World Today

[Editor's Note: While I am on vacation, today's blog post is by guest author William Seebeck. I've known Bill for decades, going back to our time working together at Lexis-Nexis in Dayton, Ohio during the 1980's. Bill has a wealth of experience in online systems, banking, publishing, and public relations.]

By Bill Seebeck

George Jenkins’ “I’ve Been Mugged” blog reports on consumer experiences and independent views about identity theft and corporate responsibility. As a result, it also reports to you about corporate irresponsibility, greed, failure to protect the public and things that we can do to fight for change so that we aren’t “mugged” in thousands of different ways each day.

It’s also home to articles that suggest new ways of doing or reviving things that worked in the past. It’s about new attitudes, and standing your ground to make sure that actions by institutions ill-formed or placed don’t harm you or anyone else.

If we notice that the price of gas doesn’t make sense, we’ll say so. Or if no one is watching our food supply, or spending the people’s money wisely, we’ll say so.

Sometimes we’ll talk about something inspirational because it might give you a lift in hard times or offer you a light message because we hope it brings a smile to your face.

We know, as you do, that the system is not working the way it should and that hurts us all.

We want your input and comments about what we write about. Please share with us your own experiences. Tell us below what is bothering you each day, or just today.

So, the next time you feel that you have been “mugged” by anyone, visit and tell us your story, and let’s see what together we can do about it.

© 2009 WBSeebeck


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