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New ID-Theft Scam: Fake Parking Tickets

Recently, the Raw Feed blog reported a particularly nasty identity-theft scam:

"Hackers in Grand Forks, North Dakota, are using a new trick: fake parking tickets. They placed official-looking tickets on windshields, which says the driver can view pictures of the violation on a specific web site."

Of course, when the consumer visits the web site address (listed on the fake parking ticket) to view the picture, the site installs malware. The BBC News also reported this story:

"... the website then had photos of cars in various car parks around Grand Forks and instructed users to download a tool bar to find photos of their own vehicle. But the tool bar was actually an executable file which installed a Trojan virus that then displayed a fake security alert when the PC was rebooted. The fake alert then prompted the user to install fake anti-virus software."

That's when the malware was installed on consumers' computers. A word to the wise: verify web site addresses independently using a search engine (e.g., Google, yahoo, etc.), and learn how to spot phishing sites.


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